This Guy is Taking Balloon Art to the Next Level

Amazing Art..You must read this, POLITE people…:-)


Jason Secoda (Airheads Entertainment) is an artist and entertainer that uses balloons as his medium. Based in Philadelphia, the artist has been making balloon art for over 15 years. On his Facebook page, he describes his philosophy:

“My philosophy on balloon art tries to shatter the ideas that balloon art is cheesy and that it’s only for kids. I’m very detail-oriented, and as a result, my work is layered and complex. During events, I often find just as many adults enthralled with my work as children are. In short, I make quality, upscale work for all types, and all ages of clientele.”

Below is a small collection of Jason’s fantastic work. To see more be sure to check out his Facebook page.

[via oPHILcial]


balloon art by jason secoda airheads entertainment (11)

Collaboration with Dennis Scott, Dylan Gilenas and Jack Mattson. Inspired by Angkor Wat…

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