Counting down the June

Assalamualaikum Polite People ! We’re so excited about the upcoming Hijab Fest this June, it’s gonna be the first in Indonesia, and we’re going to be the part of the history ! So, any of you don’t know what Hijab Fest is ? Lucky you ! Because you can easily get to know about it through their official website :

We’re gonna meet a lot of friends there, so you’d better save the date ! Ask your mother, sister, and best friend to come along with you ! 🙂

Kaminari Production Proudly Present:

“The First Hijab Fest In Indonesia”

12-15 Juni 2012, Sabuga Bandung

Event Agenda:

Music Performance
Lomba Instagram
Fashion Show
Talk Show
Food Festival
Lomba Hijab
Demo Hijab Tutorial
and more.

Guest Stars:

Inneke Koes Herawati
Zasjua Adya Mecca
Irna Mutiara
Rachel Maryam
Nia Paramitha

Want to have a look before the event starts ? Here’s the venue’s going to look like :

So, don’t forget to mark the schedule, it’s going to be fun and inspiring !

Have a good day y’all ! Wassalam .. 🙂


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