Back to 90s ..

Assalamualaikum Polite People ! Recently, our city was so busy with different agenda, and one of them was :

Last week, Bandung had another unique exhibition at Galeri Kita, this time, an art exhibition called “Those Good Old Days” with nostalgic theme “Memaknai Nostalgia: Serba-Serbi 90an”. It’s like a flashback to era 90s when anime and game were so trendy at that time.

There’s a big difference between today’s entertainment and the 90’s, we can see the contrast clearly in today’s movie, game, or music video.

It’s very unique, seeing this collage with familiar faces such as Indonesian celebrities at that time.

Apparently, walking back to the 90’s memories has become a trend. Couple of weeks ago, there was an event called :

“MAD” stands for “Malam Advertising” this event was organized by those who works for advertising agency, mostly in Jakarta. Together they met in this kind of event, from different agencies, to have fun and refresh their mind with a specific theme, this time .. The 90’s.

So, are you ready to have a flashback ? Just remember to always take the positive side, nothing to regret. That’s all for now, have a great week !! 😀


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