Dago Car Free Day


Assalamualaikum dear Polite people 🙂

How’s your weekend ? Did you go to the movies ? Fine dine ? Out of the city to get distance with crowd ? Or just having fun with a simple walking or cycling in the morning ?


Car free day is a unique event that held in every sunday, almost all the big city event the little one have it on their own way. Here in Bandung, we held it in Dago or Merdeka. This unique event has become a favorite thing to do, along the street there’s no car, only people walking with their family or lovers or friends, playing skateboard, singing with band, selling food, or event blood pressure checking.

This event, also become the most potential moment for them who has bicycle / fixie to gather around.

It just so good to see people doing so many things in this activity, together, with laughter, with spirit, and joyful !



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