LOUDMOUTH/PEMBUAL Solo Exhibition by David Armi Putra

Friday, 11th May 2012 was the last day of “LOUDMOUTH” at Selasar Sunaryo, Bandung. David made great pieces to a place, a unity of different things.



David’s hometown is in Sumatera Barat, while he spent the youth at Yogyakarta, studied at ISI (Institut Seni Indonesia).



After watching this exhibition teaser, Loudmouth is similar to a liar, making stories that don’t exist. Literally we saw a growing hammer having branches just like a tree, a house-like pieces transforming into a cow, goat, chicken and duck, while other’s could say they saw differently, that is art, the brilliant, the beauty, and something between those.


We couldn’t say more, looking at the detail of David’s work is really amazing.



It’s really inspiring, so are you ready to refresh your mind and find some inspiration ? Enjoy the weekend ! Wassalam ..


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