“Crafty Days” at Tobucil

“Crafty Days” at Tobucil

Sunday 6th May 2012, was the second also the last day of “Crafty Days” at Tobucil, jl. Aceh 56 Bandung. Crafty Days is an annually event that seems like a party for craft-lovers. Many kinds of unique and handmade stuff made with love and passion for craft world here.Besides bazaar there’re also workshops. Surprisingly, we found out that the participator came from another town too, such as Yogyakarta, they came all the way here to introduce their unique products and ideas.

They sell handmade dolls and puppet, notes and bags, and accessories too, these unique product are really interesting, we love to see the spirit in creativit



  1. dessy · Mei 7, 2012

    Hai! gw lagi iseng2 cari foto crafty days trus nemu politewardrobe..
    eh ada foto gue hehehe…. bagi potonya ya buat dokumentasi, nanti saya tulis linknya di blog kami 🙂

    btw, keren juga nih situs, perlu banget dibaca sama temen2 yang pake hijab. teruskan! 🙂

    • polite · Mei 8, 2012

      Thanks Dessy..OK, Insya Allah segera dikirim..;-)

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